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Date: September 26, 2013

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Compliance with federal Hazcom regulations can directly increase a company's productivity, reduce costs, and decrease risks from chemical exposure. Unfortunately, the tools most widely employed for compliance address only the minimum requirements in a way that is confusing, time consuming, and labor-intensive.

In this climate of increased scrutiny of workplace safety, can your institution really afford to simply get by?

Is it possible to evolve your Hazcom program into a more accountable system, while saving time and money as well?

The MAXCOM™ program enables your institution to transform Hazcom compliance into an invaluable component of your business strategy. Through MAXCOM's system of chemical categorization, Safe-Use Guides™, Safe-Use Labels™ and corresponding multi-media training, the process of educating and training your employees can be rendered effortless. This system has resulted in a safer work environment in leading corporations nationwide, while maximizing the environmental and financial health of those institutions.

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"Anyone that has ever maintained Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) records will appreciate the MAXCOM™ system. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate though the website. The computer cataloguing speeds an employee’s search for an MSDS by eliminating the need to manually hunt through binders full of paper records."

MedCentral Health System
Mansfield, OH

Haas Group International, Inc.

Haas Group International Inc., MAXCOM Services Division • 3280 E. Hemisphere Loop • Suite 184 Tucson, AZ 85706
Tel: 888.707.8819 • Phone: 520.434.2100 • Fax: 484.564.4561 • Technical Support: 800.524.7096 • MSDS Submissions Fax: 484-564-4561

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